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Getting inspiration for your next journey isn't easy, there is always something in your mind...

you just don't know how or where you get  it...

The world is yours, and the solution is Traiv!

Explore the world!

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Search for your destination

Traiv provides destinations around the world similar to your picture.

Look around!

Share your story!

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Sharing is caring

Get in contact with people all around the world and share your story.

Your share is the next inspiration!


Who we are and what drives us

Manuel Eberhardinger

What's your motivation?

I love to travel, but I do no like hotspots... and also AI :)!

That's it.

Founder - Backend Guy

Development KI
Development Data Services
Development Database
Development Datamodel

Tim Schwarz

What's your motivation?

Thinking tourism in a new way and changing the way we search new destinations is amazing.

Founder - Business Guy

Product management
Product design

Tobias Baur

What's your motivation?

Finding new spots is awesome and i like developing apps. Fits i guess!

Founder - Frontend Guy

Development IOS / Android Application
Development Usability / User Experience
Development Interface
Development Front-End Design

Sebastian Franze

What's your motivation?

It's amazing to rethink the way we start our journeys, being creative at the same time is heaven.

Founder - Business Guy

Product Management
Product Design


What's your motivation?

Baloney, Treats...

Travelling? Iam a puppy?!

CHO - Chief Happiness Officer

Off topic thinking
Treat Time's

Become beta tester!

We are looking for people to become beta testers for Traiv.

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As soon as we are getting started we will contact you, promise!

At first testing will only be possible with IPhone and IPad with IOS 14 and higher installed.

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